Hacks on Daily Devotions


School, homework, sports, time with friends; these are all things that take up most of the time in our day. Its sometimes hard to squeeze in an extra 15 minutes to read your Bible and get in the word. However, I feel that it is extremely important that we are taking In a bit of God’s word each day to help us grow and develop our faith. Here are a few helpful tips for creating a daily Bible devotional time:

1. Plan out a certain time of day to do your reading, and stick to it! Some do it in the morning so that they can start off their day in the word. Others do it at night or throughout the day. Whenever it is, it is important that it stays constant so that it’s easier to adapt to.

2. Find a study Bible or devotional book. I personally love devotional books (I’m reading Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling currently) because they give you Bible passages and effectively relate them back to life and how they personally affect you. These can help you stay on track and not feel overwhelmed by the Bible and its largeness.



3. Have a designated journal to write down your thoughts and prayers each day. These may seem little kiddish, but I find them to be very helpful because I can pull out the important things that are speaking to me and write about how they relate to my life and my walk with God. (You can also add creativity to journaling by drawing!)

Looking back at old journals from past years shows you where you’ve come with your walk with Christ and how he’s worked in your life.

4. Find interesting spots to do devotions. Sometimes by changing up the routine and reading your Bible at the forest preserve or at the beach helps you to focus and not be distracted by all the things at home. Find somewhere where you can focus on God and what he’s trying to tell you that day.

4. Pray. Prayer is one of the most important aspects because you are able to talk to God and share your thoughts on what he’s trying to tell you. Make sure prayer is a daily thing in your life, whether it is in school, when you wake up, or before you go to bed. Thank God for the blessings he has given you each day!


I hope these help you and that you can find time to get into God’s word and grow on your faith with Jesus Christ!!


~ Rachel Anne


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