My {Post}Prom Experience

The event that was {and still is} highlighted and glamoured over in every childhood chick-flick, romance movie came to life for me as I attended my junior year prom. To get things straight, I didn’t actually go to my own school’s prom, though I intended on it {long story short, it’s hard to get a church group of friends, who don’t all go to school, to go to prom together}. Instead I went to a school almost an hour and a half away, so I practically only knew the three girls inviting me. In a way, I was happy because then I wouldn’t have to worry about scarring myself while seeing acquaintances and friends dancing the ever-popular “dance-moves” {If that’s what YOU want to call them} of the 21st century. I was able to meet new people and be in a new and different dance environment.

In the prom situation of my friends and I, we took pictures and ate out before the dance. This was honestly my favorite part of the prom experience as we spent candid time at a high-class restaurant eating salmon, steak, and pasta along with virgin margaritas, all while laughing over our ridiculously poofy and bright dresses. Being able to dress up nice and feel like princesses with your girlfriends is one of the most memorable and fun experiences to have!


As for the actual dance, it was so fun! I love dancing and so did my friends, so despite the sometimes ridiculous dancers around us, we had a fun and energetic time ourselves. My point about Prom, Homecoming, and Sadie Hawkins dances is that it is not the dance, theme, dresses, or hairstyle that make the dance, but the quality of friends that you go with. Attending with my christian friends  has always been a blast, and I recommend it for all!


Below are some of the Prom pictures from the special day, enjoy!


Overall Tip: Have fun and go with people you are comfortable with 🙂


{Proverbs 18:24}

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”



~ ℜachel


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