2017 Inauguration {Day 2}

Day 1 was packed to the brim, but Day 2 was even more full of exciting visits and sightseeing! At the start of my second day in Washington D.C., I took the metro into the city and walked through the heart of the city to survey the Washington Monument and more.


The expression of two tired faces the day after walking through the Arlington Cemetery.



The Washington Monument

As I said earlier, I have been to D.C. as a young child and remember large sightings such as the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial, but seeing it as a matured person was eye opening! One of the things I like most about this monument is that it stands on a hill surrounded by flags, each representing the pact of states upholding our country. It overlooks not only the white house, but also the major memorials found in D.C. remembering WWI, WWII, Jefferson, Lincoln, MLKJ and Roosevelt.




After walking around the Washington Monument, taking hundreds of pictures and trying to sneak a peak at Obama in his last day at he White House, the group and I walked past the WWI and WWII memorials, which were both blocked off from close observation due to event preparations.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial



The MLKJ Memorial was one of inspiration. Thinking back on the racism that was so evident in the 60’s and comparing those social norms today brings light on the issue of racial acceptance, and how it is still relevant. His unforgettable work that forged the way for higher standards of freedom for slaves is a great reminder to all of us, and everyday inspires me to do what is right according to God’s calling.  An aspect that I loved, structurally, about his memorial is that it overlooks the Jefferson memorial. This has such strong meaning in the integrated thought of equality and freedom found in the works of both men, and how their patriotic efforts to better our country had a tight knit bond with each other, despite their 150-year time gap.




This is probably one of my favorite pictures taken from this trip. The quality WordPress gives doesn’t do it justice! Either way, I probably took over 50 photos of this beautiful skyline over the Jefferson and MLKJ memorial.


 Roosevelt Memorial







The Jefferson Memorial


Honestly, I think that the Jefferson Memorial was/is my favorite attraction of D.C. While we walked around the beautiful lake surrounded by Japanese blossom trees and Washington’s most famous memorials, I was mesmerized by the stylistic detail and beauty of the Jefferson Memorial. As I studied the architecture, prayers engraved into the stone, and bold statue of Jefferson in the center of the open dome, I pictured myself standing there during a beautiful, East Coast sunset where the light rays would sift through the beams and a soft wind would blow through the stone archway. All while I sip on a cappuccino and stare out into the open country of America.

But enough of dreamland for now!







Mount Vernon

A place of rest, reflection & adventure.



I’m just going to go ahead and say it. I am utterly jealous of George Washington’s house! First, he has acres of open field that I can openly imagine him riding his horse through on early morning treks. Second, he practically lives in a nature preserve with beautiful, cobblestone pathways and ample walking space for a peaceful evening outside. Finally, he has a house at the top of the hill that looks over his bountiful land, gardens, forest and Potomac River. All I can say is that he had nice views on his days off from being Mr. Commander-in-Chief of the United States.










Seeing the tomb and grave where Washington is currently laying was incredible. It’s hard to imagine that the man you’ve studied, taken quizzes on and touched on every dollar used to buy candy is right in front of you. The man who led the Patriots through an unlikely win of revolution over Britain. The man who practically began this country and set the standards of leadership and presidency over America. He was buried right in front of me and I was walking on the same steps he took a little over 200 years ago. That was mind blowing! But I took this time to reflect on all that he accomplished and how. It isn’t the person that creates such a great nation like America. It’s his motivation, perseverance, wisdom, humility and Christ-driven mindset.





The following photos are taken of the Potomac River, which is displayed through the backside of Washington’s home. The river marks a divide between Virginia and Maryland, but highlights the formation of D.C. in between these two states. The view of this river is memorizing, and I hope these pictures are able to give you some sort of glimpse to capture the magic of this beautiful nature.





And that sums up Day 2 in Washington D.C.! A few things that weren’t highlighted through pictures is my visit to the National Mall, where I walked through the American History Museum. Some must-see exhibits that I loved were the First lady ballgowns, war timeline and (of course) Dorothy’s red slippers! After visiting Washington’s residential home in Mount Vernon that afternoon, we drove to Alexandria where we received a nighttime “ghost tour” of one of the first colonial towns, where Washington himself frequently visited to sell crops. We then went out to eat at an Italian restaurant and passed out at the hotel in MD. I needed to prep for the next day: The Inauguration.

Keep an eye out for my Day 3 post, that will cover my live view of President Trump’s Inauguration, visit to the Holocaust Museum and evening in Georgetown.

Martin Luther King Jr.
“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

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