The Slopes of Faith & Finding Consistency

I didn’t understand or become personally aware of what a so-called “spiritual high” was until this year. It is often referred to as a short term period in someone’s life when they are all-in and passionate about their relationship with the Lord. Unfortunately, the idea of “spiritual highs” is also tied with negative attributes as many witness the lack of continuation in these spiritual yearnings over a longer time-span. It’s hard to say, but the negative portrayal received in its explanation made me think of this as a fake lifestyle and that I would never be trapped into this type of inconsistent mindset.

And then I started thinking about it a little bit more…

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Starting Summer with the Right Attitude

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it happens every year.

May ends up being an overly stressful month with the final stretch of school underway and the prospect of summer looming just beyond my reach.

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High School Graduation: A Final Glance and Reflection

It began as the most nerve-racking part of my teenage years and concluded just as quickly as my freshman self hoped it would. High School was a journey full of unexpected opportunities, experiences and remembrances that will last a lifetime. Nonetheless, as I take these intricate parts of the past four years into further consideration, they turn out to explain my journey thus far and create the backbone of who I am today.

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Wise Words from Jane Eyre

After completing a long awaited novel on my lengthy reading list, I was awed when finishing Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. This captivating story that covers the life of an orphaned girl hit me to the core. Not only did it converge a theme of excitement throughout the plot-line, but it offered a sense of resilience in the way in which the main character handled her life and the situations that come her way.

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The Problem With Running

It is so easy. To feel like life is a smooth ride and the world is all that it should be. And then to suddenly flip a switch in your mind and feel dragged down by the draining efforts of the things around you. And what do you do in response to these cognitive swings? You run. Because there is no where else to go and the only way to mask these negative thoughts is by putting something more worthwhile in the forefront that will somehow gain ourselves more acceptance. But what do these changes gain long term? Nothing. Because no matter how much we try to fix things, change up our schedule or work the extra hours, we cannot be fulfilled.

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Finding Peace

I face new problems daily as I struggle through my stressful life: school, homework, music, repeat. This constant schedule of “do this, do that, go finish this” leads me to a franchised state mentally by the end of the day.  While I frequently pass out onto my bed and take the minute to shut my eyes and forget about life for a minute, I begin reflecting on my life.

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Hacks on Daily Devotions


School, homework, sports, time with friends; these are all things that take up most of the time in our day. Its sometimes hard to squeeze in an extra 15 minutes to read your Bible and get in the word. However, I feel that it is extremely important that we are taking In a bit of God’s word each day to help us grow and develop our faith. Here are a few helpful tips for creating a daily Bible devotional time:

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