Wise Words from Jane Eyre

After completing a long awaited novel on my lengthy reading list, I was awed when finishing Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. This captivating story that covers the life of an orphaned girl hit me to the core. Not only did it converge a theme of excitement throughout the plot-line, but it offered a sense of resilience in the way in which the main character handled her life and the situations that come her way.

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The Problem With Running

It is so easy. To feel like life is a smooth ride and the world is all that it should be. And then to suddenly flip a switch in your mind and feel dragged down by the draining efforts of the things around you. And what do you do in response to these cognitive swings? You run. Because there is no where else to go and the only way to mask these negative thoughts is by putting something more worthwhile in the forefront that will somehow gain ourselves more acceptance. But what do these changes gain long term? Nothing. Because no matter how much we try to fix things, change up our schedule or work the extra hours, we cannot be fulfilled.

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The Teachings of a Short-Term Missions Trip

Evangelizing and opportunities to serve are all around us in this world, whether within the church, youth group, summer camps or school. However, going on a cross-cultural missions trip reaps a learning experience like no other, and I am here to share a few words on how my first missions trip changed my life.

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My {Post}Prom Experience

The event that was {and still is} highlighted and glamoured over in every childhood chick-flick, romance movie came to life for me as I attended my junior year prom. To get things straight, I didn’t actually go to my own school’s prom, though I intended on it {long story short, it’s hard to get a church group of friends, who don’t all go to school, to go to prom together}. Instead I went to a school almost an hour and a half away, so I practically only knew the three girls inviting me. In a way, I was happy because then I wouldn’t have to worry about scarring myself while seeing acquaintances and friends dancing the ever-popular “dance-moves” {If that’s what YOU want to call them} of the 21st century. I was able to meet new people and be in a new and different dance environment.

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Restoring Peace

Spring Break is a brilliant idea and time of year. It consists of “a break”: time to relax, spend time with family and focus on God as the celebration of his resurrection nears.

Although break sounds wonderful as I trudge through the last few days of homework and tests beforehand,  I tend to lose focus of the break aspect and waste my whole mental capacity throughout the week thinking about homework that I have to get done and the stressful weeks ahead of me.

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Finding Peace

I face new problems daily as I struggle through my stressful life: school, homework, music, repeat. This constant schedule of “do this, do that, go finish this” leads me to a franchised state mentally by the end of the day.  While I frequently pass out onto my bed and take the minute to shut my eyes and forget about life for a minute, I begin reflecting on my life.

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Hacks on Daily Devotions


School, homework, sports, time with friends; these are all things that take up most of the time in our day. Its sometimes hard to squeeze in an extra 15 minutes to read your Bible and get in the word. However, I feel that it is extremely important that we are taking In a bit of God’s word each day to help us grow and develop our faith. Here are a few helpful tips for creating a daily Bible devotional time:

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