A Trip to the Homeland | P.E.I. 2017

Visiting Canada has always been my favorite experience to look forward to each year since I was little. Seeing cousins that I am rarely able to talk to, visiting with my lovely grandparents and enjoying the beauty of northern shores and countrysides of different provinces are just a few reasons why.

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Listening to the Call: Why I Made the “Unconventional College Choice”

I realized that I didn’t share much about college and my decision for this upcoming fall, so here it is:

The past year was difficult for me in a variety of areas.

The college decision process alone left me constantly confused and looking for more in life as I weighed in the options of my future education. While attempting to identify what was ahead of me post high school , I sought fulfillment from myself and acceptance from the world in the choice I was making, trying to forget about God’s voice and direction in my decision. However, like always, God interceded and gave me a strong inclination towards a certain area he wanted me to pursue.

You see, I was pretty confident in my dream of going to Moody since Sophomore year, not caring about the wildly prestigious schools my friends would boast about applying to. Things changed a bit, though, when Senior year came around and the world shoved its preferred college selections onto my open mind and large decision at hand.

I began to feel that I could do more and had higher worth. With the scores and GPA I had, some top name schools could have easily made the cut and given me more credibility with the world. I imagined myself studying politics and journalism in D.C. or joining the bustling campus of a state school. When I saw my friends pursuing such highly acclaimed futures, I wanted that too.

But what is that – what was I searching for?

Looking back almost two months later, I can say that was a need for contentment in my insecurity and pride of myself. I wanted those around me to see my accomplishments through a college decision and base my success as a person off of it. I also wanted to be “safe” in my college and major choice when it came to getting a job and making money in the future. It was a confusing game I played with the world in which I yearned to be complacent with my decision all while in good terms based off of society’s standards and perception of what young people my age should be going after.

But what I continually realized (and still realize) is that (1) my college decision won’t make or break me as a person and (2) God’s plans are always infinitely better than my own (and the world’s).

So I said yes.

To Bible School. To a college few have heard of. To new friends. To a strict dress-code. To mandatory chapel. To the study of God’s word.

I said yes to God this Spring and stepped through his open door for me at Moody Bible Institute. It may not have my intended major or the type of campus I prefer, but it envisions a season of learning in my life that cannot be attainable anywhere else.

What I hope to receive through MBI is something that will last my whole life: instruction on ministry, fellowship with like-minded Christians from all walks of life, and development in my personal faith.

No matter where I end up job-wise in my future, I know that my personal choice to go to Bible School is one that I won’t regret.While I have ideas of how it will have a large impact, I really can’t wait to see God work in my life and reveal to me the reasons behind this unpopular, unusual, and unrealistic college decision.

So here’s to late nights blowing my mind away on studies of scripture, waking up to discover the need for ministry in a lost world, and continuing the Beckman legacy on LaSalle.


As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless. He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.

Psalm 18:30

Only Let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him, and to which God has called him.

1 Corinthians 7:17

My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.

Psalm 63:5

Yours Truly,

Rachel Anne

|MBI ’21|

The Slopes of Faith & Finding Consistency

I didn’t understand or become personally aware of what a so-called “spiritual high” was until this year. It is often referred to as a short term period in someone’s life when they are all-in and passionate about their relationship with the Lord. Unfortunately, the idea of “spiritual highs” is also tied with negative attributes as many witness the lack of continuation in these spiritual yearnings over a longer time-span. It’s hard to say, but the negative portrayal received in its explanation made me think of this as a fake lifestyle and that I would never be trapped into this type of inconsistent mindset.

And then I started thinking about it a little bit more…

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Starting Summer with the Right Attitude

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it happens every year.

May ends up being an overly stressful month with the final stretch of school underway and the prospect of summer looming just beyond my reach.

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High School Graduation: A Final Glance and Reflection

It began as the most nerve-racking part of my teenage years and concluded just as quickly as my freshman self hoped it would. High School was a journey full of unexpected opportunities, experiences and remembrances that will last a lifetime. Nonetheless, as I take these intricate parts of the past four years into further consideration, they turn out to explain my journey thus far and create the backbone of who I am today.

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Thoughts on Hamilton

I was privileged enough to see Hamilton in Chicago the past week as a student. A follower of the soundtrack since it came out in 2015, I was blown away by the all-around fantastic performance put on by the cast through vocals, acting, and choreography. Additionally, I was personally affected and took many aspects from the show and related them to my personal life.

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2017 Inaugaration {Day 1}

After a heated election season and unforeseen turnout, I was interested to see how my little adventure to the capitol would go in January. Despite the mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, I knew this experience would open my eyes to the country I live in, its high and low points, and how we can continue to strive to making it a better place in the future.

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