A Trip to the Homeland | P.E.I. 2017

Visiting Canada has always been my favorite experience to look forward to each year since I was little. Seeing cousins that I am rarely able to talk to, visiting with my lovely grandparents and enjoying the beauty of northern shores and countrysides of different provinces are just a few reasons why.

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2017 Inauguration {Day 3}

Day 3: It began with a 4 a.m. wake up call from a rampant knock on the door and blaring phone call in the hotel room. My friends and I got our tired, yet excited selves put together for the big day: America’s 44th Presidential Inauguration.

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2017 Inaugaration {Day 1}

After a heated election season and unforeseen turnout, I was interested to see how my little adventure to the capitol would go in January. Despite the mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, I knew this experience would open my eyes to the country I live in, its high and low points, and how we can continue to strive to making it a better place in the future.

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The Teachings of a Short-Term Missions Trip

Evangelizing and opportunities to serve are all around us in this world, whether within the church, youth group, summer camps or school. However, going on a cross-cultural missions trip reaps a learning experience like no other, and I am here to share a few words on how my first missions trip changed my life.

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My {Post}Prom Experience

The event that was {and still is} highlighted and glamoured over in every childhood chick-flick, romance movie came to life for me as I attended my junior year prom. To get things straight, I didn’t actually go to my own school’s prom, though I intended on it {long story short, it’s hard to get a church group of friends, who don’t all go to school, to go to prom together}. Instead I went to a school almost an hour and a half away, so I practically only knew the three girls inviting me. In a way, I was happy because then I wouldn’t have to worry about scarring myself while seeing acquaintances and friends dancing the ever-popular “dance-moves” {If that’s what YOU want to call them} of the 21st century. I was able to meet new people and be in a new and different dance environment.

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Restoring Peace

Spring Break is a brilliant idea and time of year. It consists of “a break”: time to relax, spend time with family and focus on God as the celebration of his resurrection nears.

Although break sounds wonderful as I trudge through the last few days of homework and tests beforehand,  I tend to lose focus of the break aspect and waste my whole mental capacity throughout the week thinking about homework that I have to get done and the stressful weeks ahead of me.

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